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12d-F0037402A (Page 12 - Gasoline pump EX50 - EX75)
EX50 Drum

ATEX certified pumps for flammable liquids (gasoline, kerosene and diesel) for non-commercial use. Easily connect to your drums through a 2" coupling. Equipped with a telescopic suction tube for direct connection to a fuel vat and the gun holder is located above the barrel, near the pump for an easy and clean use of the pump. Compact and robust construction. Cast iron body. High efficiency pump guarantees a decrease of 50 l / min. Due to the decline of low voltage, this ensures a longer life. Anti-noise filter (electromagnetic compatibility EMC). fully unreacted components: pump, counter and filters can be added or replaced without the use of sealing compound, making the connections faster and safer. integrated by-pass valve. Heat protection. integrated non-return valve and pressure relief valve. integrated suction with further filtering. Piusi EX50 meets the criteria of the strict ATEX directives concerning the safety of products, which are specifically imposed for Europe. use of the pump: 30 min working / 60 min to cool. Includes: Suction tube, coupling 2" with filter, pump, water separator, 4 meters ¾" hose, couplings and automatic pistol. Flow 50 l / min. RPM: 2700. voltage: 12V. Watt: 250. Amp: 21. ø In: 1". Weight: 10 kg. Dimensions: 400x500x460 mm.
price: € 405,00