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16d-F0034104C (Page 16 - Panther / Carry DC)
Carry Panther DC 24/12V

Pump body in cast iron with anti-corrosion treatment and painting. Support base. Pump of the blade type with sintered steel rotor and acetalic resin vanes. Mechanical seal. Incorporated bypass valve. D.C. motor with brushes and permanent magnets. Connector block with ON/OFF switch. Protection fuse. Degree of protection IP55. Filter 100 micron incorporated in pump body, easy access for maintenance. Threaded 1" coupling directly on pump body. Flow rate with 12V ± 35 l/min. Flow rate with 24V ± 70 l/min. Volt: 12V ou 24V. Handle and 2 m. cable with clamps included.
price: € 268,35