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21c-F0050606A (Page 21 - Filter unit)
Filtroll 12 V for diesel

Double filter for three-way control. This filter unit provides dual diesel filter and does not absorb water and impurities. What's more, it can be equipped with electronics for the control and Automating the two functions: determine the time to be filtered in relation to the quantity to be processed, it is off automatically in case of clogged filters. The unit is provided with an inlet and suction pipe with integrated valve at the bottom. Features: Solid structure of the wheels. Large diameter of the wheels. Filter capacity: first phase 30  with water absorption, second phase 5  for impurities. Manual gun valve. Pump Type: Panther DC - 12V with 5 meter power cable. Suction: 3 m Spread Long: 4 m. Flow ± 56 l/min. Watt: 375. Weight: 35 kg. Dimensions: 600x600x1300 mm.
price: € 912,25