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13b-F0057000A (Page 13 - Gasoline nozzle and K33 ATEX meter)

K33 ATEX The new non-commercial mechanical counter meets ATEX requirements for accurate dosing of the quantity of liquid (gasoline, kerosene and diesel) in potentially explosive environments. It is reliable, inexpensive and easy to install and calibrate at the place of installation. Also available as a free rein. 3 digits for the counter (999 liters), total counter 6 digits. Flow rates from 20 to 120 l/min. Accuracy ± 1%. Repeatability ± 0.3%. Working pressure 3.5 bar. Burst pressure 28 bar. And output: 1"F. Weight: 0.6 kg. Dimensions: 180x180x170 mm.
price: € 212,20